Safety Patrol-Website Write Up

Selection and Parent Consent

Patrols are selected with input from teachers, administrators, and bus drivers. Consideration is based on student interest, commitment, a sense of responsibility, and attitude toward others. In most cases, students who are dedicated to their school work will be dedicated to patrol responsibilities.

The number of patrol chosen for bus duty will be limited on each bus (one end, one middle position). This will alleviate confusion and allow for easier rotation of duties.

Parent consent and patrol application forms will be sent home with any interested student. Consent application forms must be on file before assuming any patrol duties.

Discipline Among The Patrols

All patrols are expected to be responsible students and role models. If a patrol consistently causes problems at school, on the bus, or in the classroom, the principal and patrol sponsor will determine if a strike is warranted. If a strike is given, parents will be responsible for signing and returning the paperwork. A patrol member will be removed from the program on the third strike. In some cases, the principal can remove a student prior to receiving three strikes.

Patrol Duties

Duties include:

Hallway Monitoring

Assisting students as they enter/exit the building during arrival and dismissal

Assisting adults in the building during assemblies

Serving as a role model to all Aura students both in and out of school

Assisting bus drivers when needed and serving as a role model on the bus

For Students

Patrol duties begin promptly at 8:20 and 3:00 daily.

You must wear your neon belt while on duty

Leave your backpack on the ground in a safe spot at your post

Absolutely no cell phone usage at patrol post